The idea behind

MADTEC – TV went online in June 2015
An initiative, that will faciliate the production and dissemination of inspiring “somehow MAD” inventions, as well as collaborations between creators, professional media and companies.

A Community for “crazy” engineers.

The MADTEC – Community has been set up to develope collaboration between the creators. We hope the members to meet, learn and interact with the latest expressions and feel the up to date creative tides within this platform. We wish to realize a true global communication.

Industry awareness building

MADTEC-TV will support undertakings for new ventures and new product development born of collaboration between members and all types of interest – groups. And hopefully to connect them with potential industry partners and investors/ sponsors.


Members of the MADTEC Community are able to sell their constructions through our shop system.  We are also planning to sell different tools and usefull items that you can build your own crazy shit.


Collaborations – Advertisement – Sponsoring

We are looking for category sponsors: category sponsors are featured in the top banner and headers of a category. They are linked with a banner beside the category contents.   No advertisement without giving something to our community!  We want you to support the creators, so we will do the best to connect you with the right engineers that you can support.
If you are interested to promote your company or service through this website we are glad to hear from you.  Please contact  Andre Kadzikowski under